Multi Excel
Labeling System

Multi Excel Labeling System

Complete With Exit Conveyor

The Multi Excel four mandrel Labeller is designed for quick change labelling, this machine is produced to optimise uptime from a change over and setting aspect without comprising on the label application and registration quality. The unique automatic knife positioning system allows the knife positions to be set individually and accurately via the HMI screen without the need to manually adjust. The advantage of this offers our customers maximum uptime within their production schedule.T

Innovative Technology
Evolutionary Performance

Composite can convolute labelling line is designed to give high quality labelling with the latest servo technology, the Stick length cores are fed into a hopper from the Edge 320 into the hopper feed, following this a individual tube is then automatically loaded onto a hardened mandrel with a servo controlled loading system. This mandrel is then indexed through 90 degrees to the labelling station in time to meet a glued label. The label is guided (held) over precision servo driven application glue rollers and is delivered by a suction transfer system to the unlabelled tube – this system allows for fine control of label registration when transferring the label from the stack to the core.


Property Technical Information
Multi Excel Diameter : 32mm to 165mm
4 Mandrel Labeller Tube Length : 520mm 1100mm

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