Edge Series of In-line Knife Cutting Machines

The “Edge” series of inline knife core cutter machines units have been designed with the latest technology, the “Edge” produces cores at extremely high output with some of the highest accuracy and quality tolerances on the market today. The inline capability of the “Edge” cutting system is able to cut cores at extremely short lengths whilst maintaining strict tolerances levels.

In-line knife cutter 360 view


Property ID Wall Min Length Cuts Per/Min
Edge 180 32mm-180mm OD 1mm-12mm 200mm 75
Edge 320 25mm-320mm OD 1mm-20mm 100mm 90
Edge 600 50mm-600mm OD 1mm-20mm 100mm 90
Multi Edge 320 32mm-320mm OD 1mm-20mm 25mm 270

Innovative Technology Evolutionary Performance

The Edge range is designed to be commissioned within any Core Winding line making the “Edge” a ideal unit to compliment your existing machinery whilst ensuring the most up to date technology on offer in todays market.